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I love where I live, and for those of you who haven’t caught on yet, that’s in Kendall Square. We’ve got smart boys, sweet architecture and more restaurants than mini marts. However, Saturday brunch is always a struggle (exhibit A and exhibit B… for those of you who haven’t caught on). When the engineers return to their respective homes on the weekends and the MIT students are still asleep, all the awesome eateries shut down and more often than not me and my hangover are left to fend for ourselves. Lucky for me, one of my favorite neighborhood go-to’s Area Four just started serving weekend brunch, and not just on Sundays. Praise Cheesus!

For anyone who knows what it’s like to party hard on a Friday and wake up on a Saturday morning to find yourself hating everything, you know very well that the idea of waiting for your coffee + water + oj + bloody mary is a terrifying time. The idea of waiting for your food — out of the question. That’s why my weekend brunch always comes with an appetizer.

Basket Full of Baked Goodies

Clearly this wasn’t my first rodeo; I’ve been to the bakery at Area Four plenty of times and know that their pastries are dank. As soon as I saw the words “baked goodies” it was coming out of my mouth as a direct order. Lucky for us, Katie at Area Four makes some of the best baked goods in Kendall. Scratch that, the city. The cranberry and chocolate scone was the first to disappear, followed by coffee bread and a cider-donut muffin soon after. Our entree’s arrived and we were still picking at the pastries.

The Hot Veggie Mess

A skillet stocked with cheddar-cheesy home fries, mushrooms, baby spinach and caramelized onions topped with scallions, pickled banana pepper relish and two sunny side up eggs. If for nothing else, order this dish for the relish, the pickled banana pepper relish. It’s what made it a stand out amidst the other 300 + brunch options I’ve divided and conquered throughout my 6 year stint living in this city. The skillet itself isn’t huge, so you won’t feel like a total disgrace when you devour the whole thing, which you undoubtedly will.

And because I do eat meat, and have had the luxury of trying the A4 homemade brakfast sausage before, there was no way I could make it through the meal without it.

A4 Sausage Patty

Call it a baby pork burger or a sausage patty on steroids, whatever it is, you’ll never look at breakfast sausage the same again.

Brioche French Toast with
Bananas Foster Compote, Candied Nuts and Chantilly Creme Fraiche

Don’t speak, just look and admire. If I wasn’t crazy impatient, and it was closer to Friday, this totally would have been this week’s food porn, but keeping this to myself for another few days would just be selfish. 

And for those of you who veer away from breakfast items and go straight for lunch, there’s a few good options to satisfy your more savory cravings.

Arugula Salad with Cremini Mushrooms, Shaved Fennel, Pecorino, Peppered Almonds and Lemon Vinaigrette

It definitely won’t do your hangover any favors but you’ll tots feel super skinny and pretty after eating it. Fresh, light, and perfect for that New Years resolution you’re sure to be giving up on within the next week or two.

Mac n’ Cheese topped with croissant crumbs

Or within the next minute, which is probably when you’ll start inhaling this. Just Add Cheese already has a boyfriend, even if he doesnt know it, and his name is Cheese Boy. But if things were for to whatever reason to fall apart, she’d totally rebound with this guy. After I finished my veg hot mess, I immediately reached over and stole a few bites of this from my friend and at no point did I feel bad about it.

ANNNND suddenly my current breakfast of granola and strawberries just doesn’t seem as appealing as it did 5 minutes ago. Sigh. Is it Saturday yet?!

Area Four
500 Technology Sq.
Cambridge, MA

Area Four on Urbanspoon

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8 Responses to Area Four Now Serving Weekend Brunch | ZOMG

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve been dying to get over there to try the biscuits and gravy. Hopefully that will happen this weekend!

  2. Michelle says:

    The hot veggie mess looks awesome, especially that banana pepper relish!

  3. Daisy says:

    Praise Cheesus!! (love that), hangovers be cured!!

  4. Dan says:

    no no no no no. Area 4 is for pizza and pizza only! You are doing it wrong.

  5. *tummy rumbles* i need to move!! Lol

  6. This post made me crack up!! I’ve only been for pizza and pretzel rolls… but brunch looks oh-so-good.

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