We Found Food in a Hopeless Place | Bradford, NH

I’d just like to clarify before moving forward with this post, and potentially offending anyone, that the place in which I found food wasn’t so much hopeless as it was deserted; I just guiltily like that Rihanna and Calvin Harris song. When in Bradford, New Hampshire for a quick weekend getaway, I didn’t have cell service within 20 minutes of where we were staying. The WiFi was shaky, there was no television in sight and the bed and breakfast we stayed in was approximately 10 miles from any sign of civilization.  Unlike any place I’d ever been, I had no idea what to expect for the weekend to come; In the end it turned out to be quite lovely!

Nearby ski mountain Pat’s Peak served as the perfect place to try our hand at the sport for the first time in 8+ years, and as a bonus all of our meals were delicious! From breakfast at the Rosewood Country Inn to artisan grilled cheeses at the mountain lodge for lunch, we were both pretty impressed and overall elated to find the food was far better than we’d anticipated. But of course, there was one place in particular that completely rocked my world. In this desolate area where nothing but dirt, trees and highway surround you for miles on end we were directed to drive approximately 30 minutes from the inn to the closest restaurant worth eating at… The Flying Goose.

A combination brew pub and grille, all the beer is home brewed. From Wildflower Honey Ale to the Perley Town IPA, they’ve got over 17 handcrafted brews at any given time, varying in style and flavor, along with their homemade root beer.  With a brewery thats got awards for days, it’s only natural that we started with a beer flight.

Don’t you just love beer flights? What about when they’re only $5?  Yup. In the end I tried more than 10 varietals; my faves ranged from the Heidelberg Hefeweizen to the Crockett’s Corner Oatmeal Stout. I even ended up bringing a growler of Honey Ale home with me.

Now when it comes to the food, some of you may remember a cheesy Food Porn from a few weeks back. It was actually a sneak peak to what you’ll find here today. Shortly after eating the meal, I had registered just how cheesy the entire thing had been. Without even trying, I’d consumed what I’m sure was multiple pounds of cheese.

The meal started with the Porter Ale and Onion Soup, made from their own dark ale baked with croutons, swiss and parmesan cheese. This is what French Onion should look like. Always. Seeing something like this coming towards my table, I got the sensation that this is what eternal bliss feels like. Delicious, vegetarian friendly, and perfect for warming you up on a cold winter day, the meal was officially off to a great start.

Another appetizer we couldn’t ignore was the vegetarian chili topped with Vermont cheddar and served with colorful tortilla chips for dipping. I love chili, obviously, I spent an entire day eating it last week in Fenway. But unlike all of those chili’s, this one had no meat. It was actually nice for an appetizer because it wasn’t too heavy and still had all the smokey-ness that a drool-worthy chili should have.

I would have been satisfied based on apps and drinks alone, but we had to go for entrees. My better half had the homemade veggie burger, which was pretty standard. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily worth a trip to Bradford for, but if you’ve got a veg friend this place certainly has plenty of options.

my dinner, however, was the real star…

In a last-minute, pressure-induced, game-time decision I decided to go with their famous 14-hour slow cooked pulled pork served over a cider, caramelized onion and pear risotto drizzled with bbq sauce. I know, it’s hard to give any other menu item a chance after reading that mouthful. Maybe not much too look at, but I can’t even put into words how yummy this dish was. The ideal mix of sweet and savory, it embodied the flavors of fall and winter in what may be the best way imaginable. The meat was so tender, maybe some of the best pulled pork I’ve ever had. So good in fact, it didn’t take much convincing before my veg friend was trying a tiny bite. The combination of flavors went so perfectly together, and just as a pre-curser it’s totally possible to split this dish three-ways and be satisfied. Definitely the sort of dish you remember for a long time, maybe even forever.

New London, New Hampshire certainly has something special with the Flying Goose. It’s a family-friendly place but certainly doubled as a great date spot for us. The bar area is a little livelier than the cozy dining room, and the focus on community and local sourcing is just another reason to love the place. Since the place was first erected in 1937 it’s been a staple for travelers and residents alike, and is certainly worth a visit if you’re passing through or staying in the area.

Flying Goose Brew Pub
40 Andover Rd.
New London, New Hampshire

Flying Goose Brew Pub on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to We Found Food in a Hopeless Place | Bradford, NH

  1. Ha – excellent title! Glad you found so much cheese in NH!

  2. Michelle says:

    Beer flights make everything better. 🙂

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