New Brunch on the Block | Catalyst | Kendall Sq.

Congratulations people — it’s Thursday! We’ve successfully survived the better half of the week and while we still have a couple days until our weekends commence I just can’t seem to get brunch off the brain. For those of you who know me, you know all too well that my weekend mornings are often dedicated to seeking out awesome brunches; probably because I spend the majority of my weekday morning meals eating the same old granola and fruit at my desk, saving up room for my inevitable weekend mow-fest.

Excitingly enough, this weekend brought me to another new brunch spot in Kendall Sq., which is something that’s been happening more and more frequently as of late, and something I never get sick of saying. My beloved hood is becoming more and more breakfast friendly ever since I moved in just a few months ago. And while I used to live for Friendly Toast, now I find myself pining over a handful of other great options that keep popping up. Don’t worry Friendly Toast, you’re still my boo; however this past Sunday it was Catalyst who stole my heart with their rare breakfast options, quirky decor and friendly staff.

Let me just preface by saying we were that annoying group of 5 who showed up with half of their party at noon, patiently awaiting the others to arrive. Normally, a place won’t seat you until your entire party is there, but not Catalyst; they could not have been more kind and accomodating.

Once seated I stared at the menu while texting frantically “where the <expletive> are you? I’m hungry!”

Before long I had my coffee and water and fresh squeezed orange juice. Let it be known that a pitcher of tap water on the table is always a good call, especially at brunch time and especially if you like to serve your guests water out of baby cups. I may have been a camel in another life, and I’m sure there isn’t a single server who appreciates trying to keep up with me and my 2oz glass of water. So yeah, pitchers of water rule. So do pitchers of cheap beer, but that’s talk for another day.

Per usual, I needed a brunch app. Our server must have read my mind because she started raving about the Banana Bread.  Approximately five minutes later the three of us were inhaling it, debating whether eating the entire plate would be considered rude and in turn make us terrible friends to the others we were still waiting for. We decided to save them one piece to share. We thought that was fair. Did I mention it came with homemade Dulce de Leche for drizzling? Instant foodgasm.

The others arrived shortly after and we decided to put in our orders. Having to choose one food item over the other was hard. I honestly wanted to cry. Luckily everyone was DTS (down to share DUH). We decided to stick to the breakfast essentials — eggs, frittatas, potatoes and sides of sausage — we figured we’d save savory choices like duck confit salad and the beef burger for another day. I was elated to find that the kitchen turned around our food quite quickly.  As soon as our plates were placed before us, forks flew like daggers through the air piercing food items from every angle.

The Vegetable Fritatta (which changes weekly) was a medley of roasted red peppers, spinach and parmesan cheese, paired with a side of arugula salad and pickled onions.

Cheddar Cheese & Mushroom Omelet served with home fries and homemade ketchup. Since my favorite breakfast sausage lives across the way at Area Four, I had to try out Catalyst’s Fennel Sausage Pattie for good measure. We could call it a battle of the breakfast sausages, but I’m not really trying to pick favorites. Both were delicious in their own right, the one at Area Four a little juicier and thicker than  the one I had at Catalyst, but the fennel definitely gave it a different and enjoyable flavor profile.

What was easily my favorite dish, the Buttermilk Biscuits topped with Soft Scrambled Eggs and Spicy Onion Marmalade. Seasoned to perfection, those scambled eggs were better than anything I’ve ever whipped up at home. The sweet flavoring of the onions and the buttery fluffy goodness of the biscuits made this a superb monster of a breakfast sandwich.

And then of course there was the equally delicious yet much more manageable breakfast sandiwch which came with Fried Egg, Fennel Sausage Pattie, Aged Cheddar, Arugula, and Pickled Onion.

Nothing fell below expectations and everything was excellent. The kind of meal that throws your endorphins into overload and makes you wish you never had to leave. Eating breakfast here will undoubtedly make your eyes roll back inside your head more times than you can count as you relish every last bite. I’m seriously hoping the depression I’ve entered having gone back to granola and fruit for five days surpasses soon; forget about TGIF, more like TGIBrunch.

300 Technology Sq.
Kendall Sq.
Cambridge, MA

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4 Responses to New Brunch on the Block | Catalyst | Kendall Sq.

  1. Megan says:

    I think your favorite dish would easily be my favorite dish. I finally tried the breakfast sandwich at Area Four, but I haven’t been there or to Catalyst for brunch yet. It’s nice to have so many great brunch options in the neighborhood!

  2. Oh my, those potatoes and egg dishes look amazing. I definitely need to check this place out soon!

  3. I love Catalyst and didn’t know they serve brunch! I might just go there this weekend. I mean, homemade dulce de leche?!? Yup, definitely going there…

  4. 1. This just made me really hungry.
    2. I now feel like a brunch sinner for not getting here yet.

    That is all…

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