New Noms at Russell House Tavern | Harvard Square

Brace yourselves people, one of our favorite eateries in Harvard Square recently added a few new menu items to their repertoire and they’re definitely worth checking out.

We lahv Russell House Tavern which, unlike the average tavern, has a classy interior, a seasonally inspired menu of artisanal fare and a craft cocktail list that’ll keep you there for hours. So basically not your average tavern at all. But it is casual and it is the perfect go-to when it comes to whatever it is you’re looking for on any given night, whether it be date night, group night, drinks and apps or a four-course affair. You’ll find familiar favorites like burgers and pizzas and then the more out-there options made from interesting ingredients, none of which come out looking half as scary as they may sound to your less adventurous friends.

Never thought you’d eat beef heart, gravlax, oxtail and tongue in one sitting? Think again.

First order of business — cocktails obvs. The City Of Eternal Spring has my name written all over it, made with Rosangel Tequila, St. Germaine, Meletti Amaro, Lemon, Grapefruit Bitters. Smooth, with just a touch of spring break 😉

Falling under the “not new, but I still love them!” category…

Sonya Rose Lobster Slider’s
with Pickled Verril Farms Rhubarb and Red Cress on Buttery Brioche.

 Archer Farms Beef Tongue Meatballs
served in a Roasted Tomato sauce topped with Melted Robiola and Sage

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts
mixed with Heirloom Apple, Calabrian Chili Oil (usually this dish is served with Warm Buratta but they were out of it on this particular evening so they decided to substitute with bacon instead. The combination was pretty spectacular, as is the original version)

And now, making their debut, allow me to introduce some newbies to the roster…

Archer Farm’s Oxtail Pierogi
served with sides of Spiced Yogurt and Bou-Rye Apple Sauce

Citrus & Juniper Cured Gravlax
topped with Rye Crumbs, Pickled Grapes and Creme Fraiche

Archer Farms Beef Heart Ravioli
with Pecorino Crunchies, Red Wine Sauce and Pickled Apple

Hickory Smoked Lamb’s Belly Toast
topped with Walnuts, Apricots, and seasoned with Harissa

Seared Rachel Rose Scallops
atop Braised Borlotti Beans & Pork Belly, Brown Bread and a Green Herb Pistou

Continue to work your way down the menu and you’ll find yourself noshing on plates of chicken liver pate, flat breads topped with duck confit and stinky cheese, fois gras, and blood orange bone marrow; like I said — not your average tavern. Chef Michael Scelfo clearly isn’t messing around; he’s turned this two-floor gastropub into a full on gateway drug for offal, making it easy to convince even the pickiest eater that they love beef tongue (trust me, I’ve tried it once or twice).

The newest additions to the menu give us another reason to stop in for a bite next time were perusing the shops in the area, and if these are any indication of the direction this place is headed then we can’t wait to see what Scelfo has in store for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Russell House Tavern
14 JFK St.
Harvard Square

Russell House Tavern on Urbanspoon

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6 Responses to New Noms at Russell House Tavern | Harvard Square

  1. oooh those sliders!! I’ve definitely had those Brussel sprouts and they are incredible. RHT remains one of my go-to dinner places in Cambridge!

  2. Megan says:

    Ok, I need the cocktail, the brussels sprouts, and the pierogi. Time to head back there!

  3. Michelle says:

    Love, love, love beef tongue! I bet those meatballs were AWESOME!

  4. I love Russell House Tavern and always try to get my dining mates to order the beef heart ravioli because I’m semi-obsessed with it. I haven’t tried the beef tongue meatballs yet but I’m sure I will like it as I’m a big lengua fan!

  5. Daisy says:

    RHT can do no wrong. thanks for the gorgeous preview of these new noms!

  6. I LOVE Russell House Tavern. I just blogged about a fantastic beer they currently have on tap, too!

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