Double Feature: Brunching at Thornton’s & Cafe Luna

I like to think of myself as a champion of sorts; I certainly eat breakfast like one. If there is one meal I can’t resist, it’s brunch. It turns on my brain, fills my belly, and is probably one of my biggest motivators when it comes to me climbing out of my comfortable cloud of a bed I love rolling around in. But I’m sure this doesn’t come as a huge surprise seeing as I’m constantly putting up brunch posts, and today is no different except for that I’m throwing in a little something extra, a double feature if you will, of two of my favorite casual breakfast joints. Think of them as a neighborhood safety net if you ever find yourself famished in the Fenway area on an early weekend morning or craving eggs benny over in Central Square area. No frills, nothing fancy, just noms. Great noms.

~ Cafe Luna ~

If you’ve ever wandered through Central Square on a Saturday or Sunday morning, you can’t miss the crowd of people swarming around the Main St. and Mass Ave. intersection. That’s because Cafe Luna resides there (along with Toscanini and Craigie on Main, but that’s a whole other post). On nice days you’ll find lots of people taking advantage of the patio outside, on cold days you’ll find lots os people waiting on the patio, hoping that a table inside will become available soon. They open as early as 10 a.m. and offer a selection of breakfast items throughout the entire day, in case you decide to sleep way WAY in.

First things first, order a cappuccino. Don’t ask questions, just do it.

All the egg dishes will have you slightly overwhelmed, but the omelettes are where it’s at. Depending on what you like you really can’t go wrong. Some of my favorites include a recent special they had back in January stuffed with steak and jalapeno cheese sauce served over a mountain of home fries cooked with peppers and onions (left) and then my usual red pepper + mushrooms + swiss situation I’m always ordering (right).

And whatever you do, don’t forget to order a single side of pancake. I’ll be honest in saying that their french toast isn’t always my fave, but the pancakes are just killing it. Thin and crispy and buttery, they’re pretty much the Yeah, I said it.

When arriving at this place, it’s highly likely that they’ll quote you a long wait time so get there a little early and put your name in. After that, I’d head to Life Alive up the street for a detoxifying fruit & veggie juice to hold you over and clear you of your hangover before perusing Boomerangs or Buckaroo’s for fun finds. Your table will be ready before you know it.

Cafe Luna
403 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA

La Luna Caffe on Urbanspoon

~ Thornton’s Grille ~

Risen from the ashes, along with the other 5 restaurants on the same Peterborough block in Fenway, Thornton’s Grille is such an oldie but a goodie. The sports bar where I spent countless evenings drinking beers and watching games while noshing on pretty decent bar food throughout my years at Northeastern, I was ecstatic to return there last week to find their new look absolutely radiant. I love the new signage, I love the new interior and I love the new bar layout. I also loved the staff. Even with a terrible case of tonsillitis they still made me laugh and gave me a breakfast that totally turned my attitude around. They were also beyond accommodating when I continued to ask for tea and honey and lemon and water and then hot water and ketchup and OJ and what I was feeling sick and fragile and needy. It happens.

My friend was also completely accommodating when I told him what we would be sharing for breakfast. Lucky enough we both think alike and have a similar breakfast food aesthetic so there were no qualms on this particular Saturday.

Eggs Alexander
Toasted bagel topped with cream cheese, sprouts, poached eggs and diced tomato

Eggs Felix
English muff stacked with turkey, avocado, sliced tomato, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

They’ve got tons of funky combinations that border on egg’s benedict but better. Their bloody mary’s are on point, their list of lunch and dinner offerings is absurd, and as soon as the sun comes out you know that patio is going to be poppin all ze time.

Thornton’s Grille
100 Peterborough St.
Boston, MA

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