WIN THIS! Classy Restaurant Crawl on March 10th

Imagine walking into a dim lit subterranean lounge. It smells of rich mahogany… and other rich stuff. A server greets you with a crafted cocktail from the creative mind of Boston’s own mix master Jackson Cannon; all you need now is a leatherbound book. After noshing on finger foods, fully equipped with a healthy buzz, you’re escorted by a sleek man in a suit into a town car that whisks you off into the night, en route to the theatre district while you anxiously await another round of signature beverages infused by some of the rarest ingredients known to man. You order the cassoulet and feel classier by the second. 

I’m trying my hand at Urban Daddy talk… is it working?

Okay Okay, I’ll stop while I’m ahead and just get to the good stuff! As of late we’ve been partnering up with our friends over at Google Places to bring you guys a few contests with some seriously sweet prizes,  each one better than the last, and this one is about to take things to an entirely new level. Think baller, then think five levels up, that’s the level we’re talking about.

On Saturday, March 10 we’ll be going on a classy restaurant crawl for dinner — starting at 5pm at The Hawthorne in Kenmore for apps, working our way to Pigalle in the Theater District for entrees before capping off the night with dessert at Catalyst in Cambridge. Each course comes paired with a signature cocktail, and don’t worry about wearing walking shoes because the guys over at Uber will be toting us around from one spot to the next all night long. You also won’t have to worry about your wallet, since real ballers get hooked up fo free anyways DUH. Here’s the part where you get really excited, because you’re coming with us!! We’ve got room for 7 at this swanky soiree and if you want in (which you know you do) then…

>>>> CLICK HERE!!!! <<<<  

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3 Responses to WIN THIS! Classy Restaurant Crawl on March 10th

  1. Daisy says:

    and suddenly I wish I didn’t have longstanding plans on March 10th. this sounds like an epic evening already.

  2. Dan says:

    Urban Daddy, or Ron Burgundy?

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