The Third Annual Lamb Jam

It’s been awhile since we’ve gushed about lamb here on JAC. After an intense lamb hangover from the Pro-Am we decided to chill out with the lamb for a little bit. You know, so we wouldn’t wear it out, and continue to love lamb the way it deserves to be loved. BUT (as all lamb lovers can attest to) no right-minded person can go too long before relapsing and stuffing their face with all the braised shanks, loin, and shoulder in sight. It’s just human nature.

Lucky for us, the Third Annual American Lamb Jam took place a convenient 90(ish) days after the first lamb event, so our lamb lust was fully restored at its natural sky-high levels. What I’m really trying to say is…we ate more lamb than what I thought was humanly possible.

Of all the events I’ve been to in the past 6 months or so, the Lamb Jam killed it with the most delicious food of them all, BY FAR. I swear it’s not the lamb talking…some of these dishes were Top Chef award worthy. Here are my favorite dishes and photos from the event…

tomasso trattoria

Brasato D’agnello – Braised Lamb Ragu, Sweet Peppers, Fregola Salad
Justin Melnick, Tomasso Trattoria

russell house tavern

Braised Lamb Shank Terrine, Caraway Brioche, Horseradish and Crispy Lamb Bacon
Michael Scelfo, Russell House Tavern

oleana lamb

Lebanese Style Lamb Crepe with Harra Sauce, Crushed Walnuts, Cucumber and Pomagranate
Cassie Piuma, Oleana

Spicy Pulled Lamb Shank with Maine Yellow Eyed Beans and Grafton Farm Cheddar Cheese Grits
Peter Davis, Henrietta’s Table

lamb tavolo

Beer Braised Lamb Shoulder with Seared Potato Gnocchi and Saffron Pepper Sauce
Nuno Alves & Chris Douglass, Tavolo

fireplace lamb

Mayflower Porter Braised Lamb Shank with Sweet Garlic Yogurt & Blood Orange over Cheesy Grits
Jim Solomon, The Fireplace

lamb jam louie

Lamb Meatball Grinder (*sort of — see below), Tomato Jam n’ Gravy
Louis Dibiccari, Storyville

Lamb Leg & Bone Marrow Polpettone with Bourbon Cherries
Brian Reyelt, Citizen Public House

Reb Lamb Bun with Chickpeas and Yogurt
Joseph Margate, Clink

red lion inn

…and the winner is (from the Berkshires!) the Lamb Shoulder & Kale Meatballs with Farm Girl Farm Smoked Tomato Puree and Parmesan Crustade by Brian Alberg, Red Lion Inn

lamb jam louie dibiccari

Thank you Boston Chefs for putting on the event, the Charles Hotel for hosting it, and the American Lamb Board for providing the goods!! We had a blast.

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1 Response to The Third Annual Lamb Jam

  1. The foodie world is all about the lamb these days! This event sounds like a ton of fun.

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