The Butcher Shop | Snack Time in the South End

You don’t become a celebrity chef by mistake. To create, open and maintain a succesful restaurant is no easy feat — try owning 5; it takes more than just skill and luck. You need personality and style, panache and perseverence. It’s all about having a vision and flawlessly executing it. In this city we’re lucky enough to have a handful of smart, crafty masters of the culinary arts whipping up great food in their own unique settings, and today’s post is all about celebrating one of said celeb chef’s eateries which has quickly become one of our South End saviors.

We’ve all been there — wandering through the quaint neighborhoods between Tremont and Washinton St., shopping for clothes in cutie boutiques and picking out cheese at Formaggio Kitchen. Circa 2pm you start realizing you’ve spent way too much money and you should probably take a break from shopping; subsequently all the perusing has really made you famished and you realize your only chance of survival relies on cheese and wine. Thank god you’re only a few feet away from Barbara Lynch’s Butcher Shop.

The combination butcher shop and wine bar is your best bet for satisfying any cravings for an afternoon snack be it cheese, charcuterie, pressed paninis or wine. Or maybe you just want to see a few hot guys handling meat, they have that too. The tiny spot is so subdued you might miss it when you walk by. The culinary experience there, like most of Barbara Lynch’s other entities, is flawless in almost every sense of the word. Delicious food, thoughtful wine pairings and wonderful service. The floor to ceiling windows also provide for perfect people watching, another essential for mid-day snack time situations. Like most places in the South End, you should be prepared to drop some dough, but it’s worth it. Some of the best things in life may be free, but the best food in life is certainly not. Don’t get it twisted.

Pickled Vegetables – the essential accoutrement for any charcuterie board

Cheese me please! Their list of daily offerings is always changing.

Robiola due Latte | Garcia de Paredes | Comte Fort Saint-Antoine

Their Steak Tartare holds it’s own against any in the city…

…Served with Toast Points that come buttered to perfection.

The Burger is big and juicy, and pretty irresistable.

552 Tremont St.
Boston, MA

The Butcher Shop on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to The Butcher Shop | Snack Time in the South End

  1. Wow, that burger looks like a piece of art. I need to go there and try it!

  2. That burger! I’ve never found myself in the S.End in the afternoon but these nibbles sound perfect for shopping-induced famine!

  3. Meghan says:

    Gorgeous photos. I love The Butcher Shop!

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