Celebratory Birthday Dinner at Casa B | Somerville

For years I’ve been looking for a tapas restaurant to one up Toro, and while I can’t say I’ve actually found one, Casa B can definitely hold its own among the best. The modern tapas spot opened a few weeks ago in Somerville’s Union Square. With Meesh’s bday celebration upon us, we decided it would be the perfect place to celebrate with a small party of six.

In two words, Casa B is both delicious and adorable. Emphasis on adorable. If you read the story behind the restaurant it’s easy to see why. Looking to embrace the romanticism, warmth and spice of Latin-America, owners Alberto Cabré and Angelina Jockovich accomplish this to a T. The two-floor space is sleek and clean, the white walls give it a sterile feeling. Downstairs is a little more quirky with exposed plant life coming out of the wall, providing a more organic feel with vibrant color accents and unique furnishings. The smiling staff makes you feel instantly welcome and excited to see more. I mean seriously, just look at the mini silverware below.

casa b

Plantain chips and asparagus spread to start? Yes please! The wine list here is also wildly interesting and the servers are well-equipped to recommend something new based on your usual wines of choice. Our waitress recommended the Ludovicus based on our obsession with Tempranillo, and she was so on point we were ordering another bottle before barely finishing the first. Kudos!

casa b cheese puffs

Cheeselovers don’t skip on the Buñuelos con Salsa de Pimientos Asados aka Colombian cheese fritters. Served with a roasted pepper aioli, these guys were like donut holes infused with cheese. If you’re expecting a mozzarella stick in a ball – you’d be wrong. There are no massive chunks of melted cheese oozing out of the inside, it’s more of an upscale cheese puff. I could have eaten four orders to my face; light, fluffy fritters for the win.

casa b crab

Another must was the Bacalaitos Fritos con Brandada y alioli de cilantro (salted cod fritters) topped with brandade and a cilantro aioli. Given that the kitchen was literally 3 feet from our table, everything came out piping hot and freshly made.

 casa b meatballs

The Aalbóndigas en Salsa de Guayaba aka meatballs in guava sauce were another favorite. The bread was perfect for mopping up the sweet and savory sauce, and although i wish the balls themselves were meatier and more tender, the flavors were enough to make me a fan.


Easily one of the most popular plates, the Sandwich de Bistec is an open-faced serving of beef tenderloin, sautéed onions and crispy shallots. Splitting these was practically impossible with the mini silverware (which we had to swap out for normal forks and knives) but so necessary. Cooked to perfection, flawlessly seasoned and just the right amount of crunch and tenderness.


What would a Latin American style birthday partay dinner be without some Tres Leches Cake to finish things off? I don’t know, and I don’t want to find out. It was good, but I’ll admit it was a little heavy on the cinnamon. Still, not a bad end to an otherwise impeccable meal.

casa b loveseat

They even have a love seat at the bar. A love seat!! I told you this place was crazy adorable. Sigh, I can’t.

Casa B on Urbanspoon
253 Washington Street
Somerville, MA

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7 Responses to Celebratory Birthday Dinner at Casa B | Somerville

  1. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    What a perfect birthday celebration meal! Love the love seat!

  2. Danielle says:

    I am obsessed with this place. The salted cod fritters are to die for. I haven’t tried the cheese fritters yet, so I was happy to read about someone who loved them. I must add to the list for next time. Great review!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I looove the buñuelos and the tres leches. Definitely go back soon, there’s so much more you need try, especially more desserts.

  4. I need to try this place! I love Toro too, but Union Square is much easier for me to get to. The food looks really tasty and I love that love seat!

  5. Love it here and need to head back soon. The love seat is too cute!

  6. This place *is* adorable!! I’ve been meaning to try it – I’m sold based on the bunueols and tempranillo alone!

  7. Daisy says:

    I had a Sandwich de Bistec in Spain, it was awesome. I really need to visit Casa B! I love your review, as always.

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