Fishtail by David Burke | NYC

It’s going to be tough for me to do this restaurant justice in a blog post, but here goes. Fishtail was extraordinary. I’m smiling just thinking about it. It was one of those experiences, that after each bite of food you take, your eyes roll back in your head and you sigh involuntarily because it tastes so good.

A little back story — in what may have been one of the coolest things to ever happen to Just Add Cheese, Jacki and I were invited to eat at Fishtail after my blog post about my New Years Eve dinner at David Burke Kitchen. After a minor major gchat freakout session, we immediately  planned a spur of the moment weekend trip to NYC especially for the occasion.

Fishtail is not limited to any type of cuisine, the menu inspiration is simply a celebration of fish — focus on sustainability and creativity. The atmosphere is comfortable. Instead of the usual blue and silver colors seafood restaurants normally use in their decor, the walls of fishtail were bright red, giving the space a living room feel with lots of energy.

fishtail cocktails

We started with champagne and then moved onto cocktails. The warm colors of the champagne photo compliment the decor perfectly —  classy and inviting. For cocktails we tried the Fleur de Patron cocktail made with Patron Resposado, St. Germain, Agave Nectar and Lemon as well as the Sticks and Stones made with Grey Goose Poire Vodka, Prosecco, Muddled Peach, Lemon. I loved both cocktails, but the food was definitely the more memorable part of the experience.

fishtail tuna ceviche

A special that night was the Tuna and Hamachi Ceviche in a citrus and soy broth with cucumbers, carrots, and serrano peppers. The ingredients paired beautifully together, the result was light, bright and fresh with a slight kick at the end. And of course the fish was insanely fresh, as in jumped out of the ocean and onto my plate fresh, and tender.

fishtail sashimi tacos

The Taco Sampler with crab salad, tuna tartar and salmon tartar was a great way to sample multiple types of fish. As much as we favor tuna over most fish, the crab salad (in the middle) was the favorite. The aioli on top of the salmon, which I think was chive flavored, was also excellent.

fishtail swordfish belly sushi

Another special that night was the Swordfish Belly sushi roll. That was my first encounter with swordfish belly and we couldn’t have been happier about ordering it. A fattier version of regular swordfish, it has a buttery taste and a richness that kind of reminded me of a seafood version of foie gras.

fishtail crab pretzel

You might remember this dish from the David Burke Kitchen post — Pretzel Encrusted Crabcake with tomato marmalade and cumin-citrus. His signature dishes are often served at more than one establishment if it fits the theme of both restaurants. Since this was so interesting the first time around we had to order it again. It’s just so cray! Think sweet/sour/crunchy/sticky crabcake. Normal? Nope. Amazing? YUP.

fishtail hailbut

Our one and only entrée (we were going out after so we had to keep it light – otherwise things would have gotten out of control very quickly) was the Halibut T-Bone. It was served on top of a tomato spinach sauce. It was one of the best fish dishes I’ve had, ever. The quality of the fish was evident in the flavor and texture, and the savory vegetables were the perfect complement to the citrus flavor on the fish. The tomato and spinach suace was so good we were practically drinking it out of the bowl.

fishtail bread pudding

AND THEY HAD BREAD PUDDING. Bourbon bread pudding. As a special. They knew we were coming so they put it on the menu. Just kidding, wouldn’t that have been awesome though? Regardless, it was meant to be.

Thank you David Burke for another amazing experience. We will definitely be back!

Fishtail by David Burke on Urbanspoon

Upper East Side
135 East 62nd Street
New York, NY 10065

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5 Responses to Fishtail by David Burke | NYC

  1. Jacki Mo says:

    OMFG best dinner EVARRR!!!

  2. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    Sounds (and looks) AMAZING!

  3. Oh wow what a great dinner!! That pretzel crab cake looks insane!

  4. Daisy says:

    I can totally picture that gchat convo. I am gravitating towards the Swordfish Belly….I have never had it either and I love how you described it! Your entire meal looks incredible, awesome photos, too!

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