The Painted Burro | Davis Sq.

I recently did a post on Chowdown Beantown about the new taco spot in Davis, The Painted Burro, and wanted to share the photos with you guys as well.

The drinks were great (plenty of mezcal!!) and the atmosphere was fun and lively, but there were hits and misses with the food. The queso fundito and chorizo taco were favorites, making it worth the trip, but I didn’t love the salsa and the steak tacos. Has anyone been yet? I think I need to check it out once more before forming a solid opinion.

Here’s what we got…

chips and salsa painted burro

Guacamole “El Mero Mero”
avocado, cilantro, sea salt & white onion.

Queso Fundito
“cheesy cheesy goodness” (Oaxaca, Chihuahua & Manchego cheeses) w/ tomatillo & crispy tortillas

El Jefe
Monte Alban Mezcal, Lunazul Reposado, grapefruit, sugar, Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Margarita de la Casa
Agavales Blanco, Combier, lime juice


Ceviche del Mar
Maine Redfish, Red Snapper & Sea Scallops, avocado salsa, lime, scallions, pickled red grape, radish

painted burro tacos

Crispy Maine Redfish
savoy cabbage & jalapeno slaw, baja mayo

Skirt Steak ”Asada” 
Archer Angus, ME, garlic mojo, roasted poblano rajas


Chorizo de la Casa
with farm egg “soleado” & papas, chipotle mayo


…and just one more shot of the cheese, just because.

I’m curious to hear other opinions!

The Painted Burro on Urbanspoon

219 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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6 Responses to The Painted Burro | Davis Sq.

  1. That last queso fundito pic is totally warranted. Damn, that looks good!

  2. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I haven’t been there yet but Bret has and LOVES it! The tortilla chips look so light and crispy!

  3. daisyiii says:

    I want to check this place out. the cheese looks worth it.

    PS great nail color on whoever the hand model is!

  4. I’ve only been for dinner once (and I might be partial because I’m in love with their other restaurant Posto), but I really enjoyed the food. I ordered the enchiladas which were really tasty and have been wanting to go back for the tacos. I snagged a quick bite of my boyfriend’s zucchini tacos when we went and thought they were pretty good. Now I really want to try the Queso Fundito!

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