10 Things You Should Know About Lone Star Taco Bar

My taco obsession has got a little out of hand in the last few weeks. Between a recent road trip through Arizona and New Mexico (where I ate nothing but tacos), the usual frequent trips to Villa Mexico (it’s on my block, how could I not?), visits to the newly opened Lone Star (which you’ll hear about now) and Painted Burro (which you can read about here) plus a Marathon Monday party catered by Anna’s Taqueria, I ate tacos more often than I didn’t eat tacos. I think my run has ended, at least for now, because I turned down a pork taco at the Gallows the other day and actually shocked myself while doing so.

My trip to Lone Star came at the perfect time, right in the middle of taco fever, so my basis for taco comparison was pretty on point that day. It took me two visits to Lone Star to form a solid opinion, but I have finally come to some conclusions….

10 Things You Should Know About Lone Star Taco Bar

1. Great drinks. Apologies for no drink photos – that place is DARK (see #2). They have a great selection of tequila and mezcal, thoughtful cocktails made with each. My favorite was the El Diablo (Reposado tequila, mezcal, lime, jalapeño and habanero agave syrup served over ice with a chili-lime salt rim) mostly because it includes both tequila and mezcal, which made for a spicy/citrusy/smoky drink.

2. That place is DARK. It’s really, really hard to see.

3. The salsa is bomb and it comes in a huge bowl. It’s the perfect traditional chunky, tomato-y salsa. BUT it’s not included, which is whack. It’s salsa, come on.

4. The tacos are small…borderline too small. I had a great meal and was certainly full after three, but I don’t understand why they can’t be normal size.

5. (IMO) The best tacos are the spicy beef and the barbacoa. We loved the cabbage on the fish tacos, but concluded that they tasted kind of fishy, literally.

6. The pickled jalapeños taste like mustard. Once you realize it, you won’t be able to think about anything else.

7. Although it was a valiant effort from Lone Star, Toro still takes the cake when it comes to providing the best aioli-drenched cheese-covered Spanish corn this city has ever seen.

8. Even though $4 is a little steep for tiny tacos, you can still get away with a super cheap meal from Lone Star, perfect for a pre-Paradise Rock Club outing.

9. Lone Star has two awesome vegetarian taco options: grilled avocado with sweet corn relish and griddled queso OR braised tofu.

10. I wish I lived closer to Lone Star because I want to go back and try everything else. It’s perfect for a casual and quick lunch, dinner, or anytime taco fix.

Here’s what we tried…

Tuna Ceviche with avocado and mango

Dallas Spicy Beef Tacos — fried tacos with spicy beef, mushrooms, chilis, and longhorn cheese

Fish Tacos – beer battered fresh white fish, pickled cabbage slaw, and chili mango aioli

Grilled Avocado with sweet corn relish and griddled queso

Grilled Street Corn with cotija, cilantro, chili lime aioli

Want more pics of Lone Star? Daisy got some really great ones that night.

Lone Star Taco Bar on Urbanspoon
477 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA

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4 Responses to 10 Things You Should Know About Lone Star Taco Bar

  1. daisyiii says:

    why thank you!! your pics came out awesome as well and I must concur with the majority of your sentiments and the fact that I’ve got to get back and try the spicy beef and barbacoa!

  2. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    The corn looks RIDICULOUS.

  3. I love your commitment to this place! I need need need to try those fish tacos!

  4. Wow, everything there looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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