I Went to The Capital Grille and Only Spent $16

True Statement. Last week Meesh and I met up for an impromptu lunch date at The Capital Grille Definitely not our usual stomping grounds, but we’d been hearing a lot about their new lunch offerings, and that they were pretty inexpensive, so we decided to see what was up. Both of us nearly gasped when we saw that they serve a Spring “Plates” lunch menu, which includes a sampling of seasonal starters (like soup or salad) paired up with a lunch entree and a side, for just $16! How could this be? The cheapest dinner entrees barely dip below the $40 mark and here we were about to eat lunch for $16. The meal is also designed to get you in and out of the restaurant in under 45 minutes, added plus. Normally I wouldn’t even have needed a lunch app but how could we possibly ignore such a good deal?

From the looks of their website, it seems they switch up the selection on the “Plates” menu quite a bit to stick with what’s in season and available, but check out some of the highlights from our lunch below.

Carrot & Ginger soup topped with creme fraiche and cracked pepper. I don’t event like ginger but I LOVED this soup. It wasn’t too heavy on the ging, which was a good thing in my mind and the flavors blended beautifully. Definitely something Peter Rabbit would go ape shit over.

Burgers are always on our radar, and when you add crispy onions and fried eggs to a Wagyu beef patty, you’ll land yourself on the fast track to favorites. As soon as we noticed the accoutrements that came with this one, we were sold, and opted to share it. Cooked to perfection at a dark-pink medium rare, oozing with egg yoke and just a hint of crunch from the toasted bun and onions, it was ridiculous. In a good way.

For sides we decided to stick to the lighter stuff – opting for the watermelon and feta salad and the fresh sauteed green beans. Both were delightful, but our server was dissapointed that we didn’t opt for the truffle fries so she sent some out anyways.

and I’m so glad she did. We nearly devoured the whole basket. With the density of a steak fry but the outer crunch of one from McDs they were delicious. Sprinkled with fresh grated parm and truffle oil, ugh, forget it.

For our second entree we decided to go with the Scallops as recommended by our server. Per usual, we took her advice. Such a good call; they tasted like spring! Served with cous cous and seasoned with a touch of grilled lemon. Add some diced asparagus for crunch and you got a seriously awesome lunch for just sixteen dollahs.

The thing I like about Capital Grille is that they like to get a little creative. They add some flare to the typical old-school steak house model and I totally appreciate it. The menu is current and the fact that we ate this entire meal in well under an hour without feeling remotely rushed was pretty impressive. Bravo you guys, and keep up the good work. I’m going to have to consider stepping into these steakhouses more often.

Capital Grille on Urbanspoon
The Capital Grille
900 Boylston St.
Boston, MA

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8 Responses to I Went to The Capital Grille and Only Spent $16

  1. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I love Capital Grille and sometimes I eat at the bar just so I can order one of their fantastic burgers!

  2. Colin says:

    Looks amazing! You might have just shifted my lunch plans today…

  3. Megan says:

    Ah-mazing!! Love everything pictured here!

  4. Love the look of that burger!

  5. iamahoneybee says:

    I may need to take a long lunch to get over to Capital Grill just for this. that burger looks awesome!

  6. beantowneats says:

    What a great deal, and everything looks amazing! I’m seeing lots of watermelon and feta salads but have yet to try one.

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