Local 149 | A Neighborhood Joint Fit for Southie

If only I had a neighborhood restaurant like Local 149. It reminds me of places like Highland Kitchen and dBar, local restaurants (good enough to be destination restaurants) with great drinks that you could eat at every night of the week, whether you were in the mood to beast some mac n’ cheese or keep it light with a salad. Restaurants like that can only be found in places like Dorchester, East Somerville or Southie because if they were in the middle of the city they just wouldn’t be the same, they would be crowded all the time and lose their neighborhood-y charm.

Local 149’s menu seems to cater to all Southie inhabitants. The whimsical pub-ish menu takes risks on certain dishes but keeps it classic with others. Irish pub types can get their fish and chips while the yuppies can get adventurous with something like a pressed duck sandwich.


The wine list is small but it was easy to find one we wanted — Sancerre, a wine that I have recently discovered and fallen in love with. It’s a light white that is crisp and only slightly sweet.


A seasonal special that night was Watermelon and Tomato Gazpacho. It was a nice balance of sweet and acidic.


An app that falls on the more whimsical side of the menu was the Avocado Skin with nut and seed flour, garlicky broccoli, eggplant bacon and creme fraiche. It’s a healthier play on potato skins, perfect for a weeknight meal.


The Hog Wings should probably be entered into a wing contest ASAP. They were HUGE and ridiculously tender. The mini pork shanks (as the menu describes them, I personally don’t think they are “mini” at all) are dripping with hoison BBQ sauce and served with a homemade ranch. The meat fell right off the bone, an absolute must-order.


The Heirloom Quinoa Tabouli with sea scallops, grapefruit and artichoke is another one of those light weeknight meals. The bright citrus flavor and small portion is perfect for a hot summer night.


And of course dessert, Smores Pie with fresh blueberries was amazing. How could it not be? It’s smores.

Local 149, Southie residents are lucky to have you! If I lived in the hood I would be there all the time. And not just because the bartender is gorgeous. Jus’ sayin’.

Local 149 on Urbanspoon

149 P Street
South Boston, MA

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6 Responses to Local 149 | A Neighborhood Joint Fit for Southie

  1. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    Um, that dessert looks ridic.

  2. Between the avocado skin and the amazing looking dessert – I want to go to there!

  3. Taryn says:

    I am in love with this place, and in a few weeks will be moving to the neighborhood. It could become a dangerous addition… of the best kind! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Woah, that dessert looks completely insane. I never would have thought to combine blueberries with s’mores… but why the heck not?!

  5. We had the avocado skins last time we were there and they blew me away; so different and interesting! Their Hog Wings are on the menu at their sister restaurant in Newton (The Biltmore) and we order each time. Totally agree about the charm of a neighborhood place like Local 149!

  6. Everything you tried looks great. I’m especially intrigued by the avocado skins!

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