Lineage | Summer Seafood and White Wine in Brookline

Lineage in Brookline recently wrapped their fifth annual Half Price Bottled Wine month. Yup, that’s right. Every July Lineage features their stellar wine selection at a serious discount, so you know it didn’t take long for Meesh and I to make a reservation. I’m sorry I’m just getting around to recapping this lovely dinner now, as Meesh mentioned in last week’s Food Porn, August has been crazy busy, but we’re hoping to catch up over the next couple weeks!

On our most recent visit to Lineage, T.J. Douglas of The Urban Grape happened to be guest somellier for the evening. His knowledge was impeccable, and he was really helpful when it came to suggesting the perfect crispy white for us — Sebella Chardonay from Sonoma Valley.

We settled in and admired how thoughtful and cute everything in Lineage is, per usual.

Even the salt, pepper and buns are uniquely displayed and pretty adorbs if you ask me.

There wasn’t a single thing on the menu that didn’t sound delicious. Picking out apps was a process, but I’d be lying if I said that was a rare occurence. Fortunately, the serving sizes were on the smaller side so we ended up sampling three. Starting with the Foraged Mushroom Ragoût

We’re obviously suckers for anything topped with a runny farm egg. When that “anything” happens to be foraged mushroom ragout? Yeah, we’re all over it. The mix of chantrelles and porcini shrooms was delightful and the runny yoke coated everything nicely. I honestly think this could double nicely as a dope breakfast option.

The Manchego Cheese and Black Mission Figs were another no brainer. Simply divine, served with sherry and toast. I don’t even have anything else to say. I consumed it in complete silence, savoring every last flavor, it was amazing.

Since the resto is renowned for its fish we decided it was necessary to try out a few of the seasonal seafood specials. The one pictured above came highly recommended, so we couldn’t resist ordering it.

It’s funny, there once was a time when the sight of octopus tentacles intimidated me. Actually I’d say borderline terrified me. Seriously. Bear with me as I digress for a sec. I used to love fried calamari as a wee one. I never questioned anything crunchy or fried when I was little, but I’ll never forget the day I found out what calamari really was.  It was a few years after I’d started eating the stuff, I was about ten, and the second I noticed a tentacle in a basket full of rings I immediately asked my dad what it was. His response “a tentacle” which then prompted me to ask why it was in the calamari. “Well, because calamari is squid.” I was still confused. “Squid is kind of like Octopus. They have tentacles,” he said, tossing one into his mouth.

In an instant a look of horror came over my face and all I could think of was Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. I immediately tossed that tentacle back in the basket and swore off calamari forever. I also gave my dad the silent treatment for a bit, but that ended quicker than my distaste for calamari as this was typical behavior for him. He fed me shark and eel before ever divulging what it was, knowing very well how I’d react. And although I certainly didn’t appreciate it when I was younger, I’m probably a more adventurous eater today because of it, so I guess I have him to thank for that. Either way, I ultimately ended my ban against calamari by the time I got to college when I realized that there were things in life a lot more terrifying than tentacles. If I couldn’t overcome my fear of them there was probably no hope for me in the real world. Thus, why I now eat tentacles and realize that they’re actually enjoyable, which brings me back to the dish above — Confit Spanish Octopus, served with spicy charred tomato sauce and grilled arugula. It was totally different and perfectly executed.

Continuing our seafood samplings into the entree portion, we ordered the Seared Scituate Sea Scallops which came slightly caramelized, resting on a bed of roasted mushrooms, market pole beans, and green Puy lentils.

We also went with the fish special that night, Roasted Tilefish paired with morels, fava beans, red rice and pesto. It was nothing short of crunchy, flakey love.

Now let’s be serious, after all that, the two of us were pretty stuffed. While I always peek at the dessert menu, actually ordering any on this occasion was definitely out of the question. Luckily, our server must have known I was craving something sweet because she brought out an itty bitty sample of their Butterscotch Pudding topped with a little whipped cream and some candied pecans. It was the perfect bite-sized sweet to end our night on.

Having enjoyed this meal just a couple weeks ago, I’m excited to see that Lineage has already switched up their menu for August which boasts lots of new good-looking stuff to try. Jeremy Sewall clearly knows wassup, and we love him for it!

Lineage on Urbanspoon
242 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA

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4 Responses to Lineage | Summer Seafood and White Wine in Brookline

  1. I haven’t been to Lineage in months! Everything looks great and is making me so hungry!

  2. I’m glad you got over your squid/octopus fear because that octopus dish sounds amazing!

  3. beantowneats says:

    I’m a big fan of Lineage! That butterscotch dessert is on my Top 5 list!

  4. Wow, I just wrote in my blog post about Alta Strada about my own experience of finding out that calamari was actually squid! Like you, I was about ten years old when I found out and then refused to eat it until college. I love your line about realizing that “there were things in life a lot more terrifying than tentacles.”

    Very nice post. Your photos are fantastic! The confit Spanish octopus looks especially delicious.

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