Pigalle’s New Bar Menu Goes Asian

Ever since discovering Pigalle during the Lamb Pro-Am last year, we have become somewhat obsessed. On any given week night it is not at all uncommon for us and a group of friends to be drinking and indulging in Pigalle’s bar menu of the moment. Between seasonal dishes and testing the waters in different cuisines, you can always expect something fresh and interesting at the bar that is completely different from the dining room menu.

The new summer bar menu is one of our favorites yet, mostly drawing inspiration from Asian cuisine, with a few New England summer classics thrown in there as well. It also doesn’t hurt that most dishes contain bacon. Did I mention they have bacon offered as a bar snack? That is another reason we return so frequently, I had four pieces before we even got our food. Anyway, Here’s why you should probably cancel your plans tonight and head to Pigalle:


Sancerre, along with being my favorite wine of the moment, pairs really well with Asian spices. Actually I just made that up, I’m just really obsessed with Sancerre.

greek salad

On the more seasonal than Asian side of things, the Mini Farmer’s Market Greek Salad is made with two types of beautiful August tomatoes — beefsteak on the bottom, cherry on top. That’s what she said. (For some reason that seemed fitting.)

fried rice

The Smoked Trout Fried Rice with chinese sausage, yellow leeks and ginger was my favorite dish on the new menu. Partly because there is a TON of bacon in there, and partly because the smoked trout made the entire dish taste smokey.

stuffed clams

Onto New England…Roasted Clams with bacon and panko stuffing a la carte. These little guys are impossible to resist. (Plus bacon.)

kung pao

Back to Asia with the Kung Pao a La ‘Chinese Mission’ with pastrami, smoked peanuts and oyster sauce. This dish is super savory, almost umami tasting, and the peanuts add a nice crunch.


The Stir-fry of Peas, Radishes, Thai Chili and Lime caught us off guard, in a good way. It was unassumingly spicy, which is not usually something you get with fresh veggies.

fried artichokes

And you just can’t go wrong with Marinated Artichoke Hearts, egg battered and fried with remoulade sauce, ever. Simple perfection. And the artichokes were huge.

Thanks again for another fab evening, Pigalle, see you soon. As in probably tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Pigalle’s New Bar Menu Goes Asian

  1. beantowneats says:

    Great round up of bar bites! I fell in love with Pigalle’s cocktail menu the last time I was there, but unfortunately didn’t have time to eat then. All of that bacon makes me want to go now!

  2. Sancerre is my favorite as well. Need to get over here, Meesh.

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