Cheesin’ In Central MA Part 2 | Robinson Farm

On the second part of our cheese journey through central MA, we stopped at Robinson Farm, just one mile down the road from Ruggles Creamery. You may remember all the goats at Ruggles…at Robinson Farm it’s all about cows.

cow robinson farm

Oh hay lil’ cow

They make five different varieties of raw cow’s milk cheese which are all certified organic. They are aged for at least 4 months, some aged 6 to 10 months…

cheese wheels

(This is the best smelling place in the world.)

robinson farm

Mr. Robinson just picked up cheese-making four years ago. First he went to cheese college and learned everything there is to know about raw cow’s milk cheese, then he set up his operation in Hardwick testing out batches of cheese. Soon they were on the market and winning awards. Because of the name Robinson, they thought it only appropriate to create a swiss cheese called…

robinson family swiss

Robinson Family Swiss. YES.

Although it was their award-winning cheese ‘A Barndance’ that really blew my mind…

a barndance cheese

It’s made using the same technique as Abondance from France, but since France is so particular about regions and naming conventions, they switched the name around for an original take on it. This cheese is an ACS Second place winner!


They are also perfecting a soft Taleggio cheese that should be coming out soon! based on the sample(s) I had, it seems to like like they’ve already perfected it.

Now the info you’ve all been waiting for…where to get this cheese in Boston? You can actually get it all over New England — find the full list of spots here. In the Boston area you can find it at Savenors (Bost. & Camb.), American Provisions, South End Formaggio / Formaggio Kitchen, Henrietta’s Table, Cambridge Naturals, Cardullo’s Gourmet Shop, and Hungry Mother.

Gotsta love local cheese!

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2 Responses to Cheesin’ In Central MA Part 2 | Robinson Farm

  1. lfitzb says:

    ummmmm I LOVE A Barn Dance. I used to get it at the Somerville Winter’s Farmer’s Market all the time. I need it now.

  2. How cute are those little cows?! I love that this guy picked up cheesemaking so recently and is so successful!

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