Flatbread Company | Pizza Perfected | Davis Square

So I recently moved to Davis Square, and have been loving all then new restaurants that have been making a regular appearance in my life now that I’ve relocated. So you can expect a lot of neighborhood love popping up on JAC soon, starting with Flatbreads, who currently ranks high on my favorites list. There’s plenty of pizza competition in the area, but this place is holding its own. And they have candle pin bowling, what?! Entertainment and awesome eats in the same place? Done.

On my first visit (I know, I’m embarrassed,  how has it taken me so long to eat some of the best pizza in Somerville) my server could not have been a better salesman. Before he even finished describing the salad special that day, I was already ordering it.

Butter lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, radish, corn, YUMz. It was dumb good. I immediately wanted to order another but refrained having just ordered a large pizza for my second course. Half of which was covered in pulled pork, pineapple and red onion while the other half was topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella. Unbelievable. A thin crust you down have to feel guilty about with a chewy, doughy exterior you’ll love. The Pizza itself is sliced in strips, which also takes away some of that “I just devoured a HUGE slice of pizza” guilt we’ve all fell victim to at least once in this lifetime.

I could have stopped after devouring the pizza as no slice was spared. But there was no way in hell I wasn’t ordering dessert after seeing skillets filled with banana bread, brownies, gingerbread and more coming out of the clay oven. And then the server mentioned that half-portions of dessert were totally doable, without me even asking, “In that case, I’ll take a half order of Sarah’s Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.”

As soon as it arrived, I spent the following 10 minutes sandwiched somewhere between Heaven and Paradise. Well, in my mind at least. The banana bread had been warmed in the wood-fired oven and was served with Annabelle’s all-natural vanilla ice cream and warm homemade chocolate sauce AND whipped cream that had been sweetened with maple syrup. If weight gain wasn’t inevitable, I’d be eating this thing for breakfast every day. Maybe even all day. If I said I didn’t want one right now, I’d be lying. Writing these posts for breakfast is TORTURE.

Flatbread Company inside Sacco's Bowl Haven on Urbanspoon

45 Day St.
Somerville, MA

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3 Responses to Flatbread Company | Pizza Perfected | Davis Square

  1. I don’t live far from here, but rarely go – your post reminded me to get back there soon. I love their pizza, and their beer list!

  2. I live in Davis too and I can’t believe I’ve never tried flatbread! I need to make that a priority…

  3. Christine says:

    Flatbread Co. is amazing! I have yet to go bowling, but I am dying to!

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