Farmstead Table | Newton, MA

If you’re like me and rarely leave the confines of anywhere accessible by the red or orange line, you might want to think about switching up your routine after reading this. Farmstead Table is in Newton, so yeah, green line. Westbound. I know, I know. This place is worth it though, after eating there the other night I can think of no better reason to hop a train to Newton. (You could take your car too if you’re cool like that.)

The concept is Farm to Table. We’ve all seen it before, but it’s not like we’re getting sick of fresh food any time soon, so that is totally fine with us. What makes Farmstead great is Chef Chad Burns’ passion for finding the perfect ingredients to fit his needs. For his duck dish he didn’t want Long Island duck because the layer of fat is a little too thick, and he didn’t want mallard because they’re too lean. His duck dish wasn’t going to be perfect unless it had only a thin layer of fat, so he tried out multiple sources until he found the right Long Island / Mallard cross breed. He also takes his kids mushroom foraging on the weekends. So you can just tell that a ton of thought goes into every ingredient of every dish, and it shows.

spelt bread

Chad’s wife, Sharon does all the baking, including this Spelt bread. I don’t know what Spelt is but I do know this bread rocks. And so does the butter.

farmstead table lox

The House Cured Salmon Lox with potato skins, capers, parsley, lemon, and crème fraiche was something would probably never order, but we saw it on the table next to us and immediately had a change of heart. The combo of tangy cream, buttery salmon and salty chips was unreal. Definitely a must-order.

beet carpaccio

Seasonal salad goodness: Roasted Golden Beet Carpaccio with sherry gastrique, goat cheese, pine nuts, and arugula

french fries aioli

THESE FRIES. And garlic aioli.

wild mushroom risotto

The Mushroom Risotto (foraged and cultivated mushrooms, sweet dumpling squash, greens and sherry reduction) is made with mushrooms that the chef foraged himself! The the mushroom / pasta ratio was on point. (More mushrooms/less pasta/less food coma)

farmstead table newton

The standout dish the evening was the Roast Duck Breast with sweet potato, farm carrots, whole grains, and cider reduction. Not only was it gorgeous, it was cooked perfectly with beautiful fall flavors.

See what I mean? Time to grab your kindle and hop on the green line! Farmstead Table is right across the street from the Newton Centre stop, so if it’s cold out you will only be outside for, like, one minute. And make reservations!! The place is small, and you don’t want to go all the way to Newton to be SOL with farm freshness.

71 Union St.
Newton, MA

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2 Responses to Farmstead Table | Newton, MA

  1. Megan says:

    I live in Newton, and I’m always making trips INTO the city and surrounding areas to eat at restaurants — this isn’t a tedious trek at all — nice to see some coverage of great places to eat in Newton!

  2. There aren’t even words….this looks unbelievable!

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