Bokx 109 | Newton’s Quantum Kitchen

Sometimes it seems like every restaurant I go to is farm to table. Local, seasonal food, simple dishes, spotlight on ingredients, etc. It’s the thing. And as much as I love the thing (as you can see here, here, here and basically every other restaurant post we do), it was so nice to experience a change of pace at Bokx 109 in Newton Falls. I knew nothing about it before the dinner. The dim lighting, dark wood bar, and big wine glasses gave the impression of an old school steak house and I honestly thought that was what I was in for. But instead of your typical butternut squash and pumpkin dishes, this fall tasting dinner had some really fun stuff like balsamic jelly, Parmesan foam and…pop rocks.

bokx109 newton

All of this fun molecularness comes courtesy of Executive Chef Stephen Coe. He was the chef who originally opened Bokx, and now he’s back after a hiatus. He seems genuinely  excited to back at his old stomping grounds.


Here are some highlights from the tasting dinner:

bokx 109

I hate everything about Barstool Sports, but this is one Smokeshow I can actually agree with. The dish was served with a smoke filled goblet covering pear and mascarpone sacchetti (similar to tortellini) topped with cream sauce, arugula, pickled red onion and lemon. Each bite has an initial smokey taste, but it quickly fades to let all the other flavors shine.

bokx 109 restaurant

The Grilled Oyster dish was another favorite. Topped with fennel pollen, tomato, panko bread crumbs, pancetta and chive fondue, the strong flavors worked really well with the grilled oyster.

bokx 109 newton

The highlight of the dinner for me was the Tomato Soup with Parmesan foam served with an hierloom tomato salad, complete with my new favorite thing ever, balsamic jelly. This definitely tops my previous favorite thing ever, grapefruit balsamic. And Parmesan foam. Can someone please tell me how I can make that a more regular occurrence in my life?

bokx109 restaurant

The cheese played an important role in this dish too. On top of the Lobster Cavatelli with shitake mushrooms, edamame, and chive cream sauce was a dried ricotta salata with this cool chalky texture that was still somehow creamy.

bokx 109 dessert

There were a few more courses in between this and the last few, but this dessert tray was by far the most important out of all of them, and I’m not even a dessert person. Apparently I am a chocolate cone person though, because that part especially was really, really great. And then balsamic jelly showed up again! This time in the form of an excellent square shaped strawberry dessert.


And just when I thought we were done, out came the Pop Rock Push Up Pops with lemon semifreddo in the center. Two of my favorite childhood snacks combined into one delicious dessert. I ate four. It was a perfect end to a very fun meal.

Bokx 109 is a fun spot! It’s in sort of a random location inside the Indigo hotel in Newton, but it’s right next to the Riverside T stop if you don’t have a car. In which case you should do what I did and invite your friend with a car to go with you. Always a good move. The chefs table experience could be a fun thing to do for a birthday party or special occasion event. Watching the chefs is an entire night of entertainment in itself.

BOKX 109 on Urbanspoon

399 Grove St
Newton, MA 02462

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