New Cheese Offerings from Eastern Standard

There’s a lot to love about Eastern Standard— open for every meal of the day seven days a week, the food is consistent, the environment is appropriate for any occasion, service is spot on, and the rotating cheese selection is what’s up. Needless to say, as soon as I heard there were some new varieties being displayed on the board I was all over dat queso.


The new offerings come by way of a cheese challenge the restaurant held back in October. Inspired by the annual cheese competition in Springfield, MA — The Big E — 22 ES staff members got together to sample over 40 different varieties of cheese on a mission to dub their top faves. Cheeses came from all over the world and were ranked based on qualities like aroma, flavor, visual appearance and texture. In the end, the team was able to narrow it down to the top five, which can be all yours for the tasting for just $25 at Eastern Standard.

Check out the rundown below of the beauties you see here.


1. Brebis Haut-Bearn from France (Pyrenees-Atlantique). It’s a semi-firm cheese made from raw sheep’s milk. You’ll find hints of herbs, hay, sweet nuts and cream. Scoop up some for yourself at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.

2. Twig Farms in West Cornwall, Vermont puts out some of the best goat’s milk cheese in the United States, which is where this semi-soft goats milk cheese is from. Known as the “Square” this cheese is aged for 80 days, and formed in a tied cloth that gives it it’s square shape, and ultimately it’s name. With a flavor profile highlighted by hints of sesame seed, grass and toasted bread, it’s no wonder the modest farm is so well known.

3. The Marieke Gouda from Holland’s Family Farm in Thorp, Wisconsin is a raw cows milk cheese. Made in traditional Dutch farmhouse style, the farm imports all it’s equipment, cultures, herbs and spices from Holland. This style of Gouda, which is classically referred to as “boerenkaas” is firm and offers up flavors of caramel and nut.

4. The Taleggio D.O.P. from Lobardi, Italy is pretty much to die for. Pasteurized cow’s milk and a washed rind lend itself to this Italian classic’s soft milky interior and earthy exterior.

5. Cambozola Black Label straight out of Allgau, Germany. It’s a bloomy rind creamy blue cheese that’s all sorts of spicy, savory, buttery and delicious! Made with pasteurized cow/s milk, half the fun is eating the rind off this brie-style blue cheese.

*Note – If you’re throwing together a cheese board for any holiday event you’d be a fool not to take this information into consideration.

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528 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA
(617) 532-9100

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