Parm | New York, NY

Because anything Parm related is automatically the best thing ever, please be aware of the extreme bias I had towards this restaurant before stepping foot inside the door. Parm is my new favorite NYC lunch spot. It’s owned by the Torrisi brothers of Michelin rated Italian restaurant, Torrisi, which is right next door on Mulberry St. in Nolita. Parm is their casual sandwich place, featuring none other than perfection in chicken parm, meatball parm and eggplant parm sandwiches. If that isn’t enough to get your endorphins pumping (you’re crazy, first of all) the Italian small plates will. Let’s just let the photos do the talking…


Spicy Broccoli Rabe


Giardinia Pickles


Prosciutto wrapped mozz – UM. HEAVEN.


Pepperoncini poppers


Eggplant Parm Sandwich


Chicken Parm Sandwich


Chicken Francese Sandwich



See what I mean? New favorite lunch spot that does Parm justice. Let’s just say it’s hard not to get your panties in a bunch over this place. And it’s cheap compared to everything else in NYC!

Parm on Urbanspoon

248 Mulberry St
New York, NY

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3 Responses to Parm | New York, NY

  1. mlevine3010 says:

    The eggplant parm does look sooo delic ! also i am totally curious about the pepperoncini poppers- have never seen those anywhere!

  2. Megan says:

    That eggplant parm sandwich looks ridiculous! Looks like I need to get back to NYC very soon!

  3. Sargento says:

    The eggplant parm sandwich looks completely irresistable! The look of the melted parm on the savory eggplant dish makes our mouths water! For a great parmesan taste, try the Sargento Grated Parmesan cheese. The natural taste and easy sprinkle will improve any dish!

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