Oh So Yummy Omakase Chef’s Tasting at O Ya | Boston

There are no words to describe the experience I had at O Ya a few months back. I won’t even pretend like there are. My mind was blown with every bite-sized offering of deliciousness, but undoubtedly, this is what many will say who have dined here. The tasting menus and small portions present the perfect scenario given my food ADD. I love being able to sample EVERYTHING, and that’s essentially what I did when I was there. Except for the everything part because that would have required me to take out a loan. I sampled some specials, some cult favorites, and some recently added ish. I was in awe of their chefs Michael, Gucci, Hiro & Akira who spent most of the night making mini-sculptures that were immediately greeted with sighs of sheer excitement. I loved every minute of this indulgent dinner (and the conversation and company that shared it with me)!


Kumamoto Oyster – watermelon pearls, cucumber mignonette

OYAeggslegsLegs & Eggs – tiny maine lobster legs, white sturgeon caviar & tomalley aioli

OYAribTea Brined Fried Pork Ribs – hot sesame oil, honey, scallions

OYAchefsGucci & Akira making magig happen from behind the sushi bar


(clockwise from top left) Fried Kumamoto Oyster – yuzu kosho aioli, squid ink bubbles; Hamachi Belly – yuzu soy marinated Maine  sea urchin; Homemade Fingerling Potato Chip – black winter truffle; Diver Scallop – sage tempura, olive oil bubbles, Meyer lemon


Hamachi – spicy banana pepper mousse


Arctic Char –  cured yuzu, cilantro, smoked sesame brittle, cumin aioli


Fois Gras – balsamic chocolate kabayaki, claudio corallo raisin cocoa pulp, sip of aged sake


Hamachi Nigiri topped with harissa, mint, argon oil, lime


Foie Gras Gyoza – kyoto sansho, pink peppercorns


Warm Somen Noodles – fried Japanese big fin squid, onsen egg, iriko dashi, yuzu kosho

OYAsalmonSalmon Nigiri –  Vietnamese dashi caramel soy, spicy rau ram salsa


Santa Barbara Sea Urchin – uni mousse, kuidashi gelee, tonka bean


Shiso Tempura with Grilled Lobster – charred tomato, ponzu aioli


Roasted Hamachi Kama – house ponzu, spicy daikon, yuzu

OYAchocolateHomemade Chocolate – Yuzu Kosho Ganache (for dessert!)

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4 Responses to Oh So Yummy Omakase Chef’s Tasting at O Ya | Boston

  1. mlevine3010 says:

    Gorgeous food photos !!

  2. You have officially made me hungry. I’ve been dying to try O Ya, but I’m worried I would spend a fortune!

  3. Beautiful pics. The omakase at O Ya is definitely one of the best food experiences I’ve had, too!

  4. RIKI says:

    I’ll take out a loan for that ish

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