Ravioli Making with Wheeler del Torro (and Biz Markie)

If you’ve ever been to 3 Scoops in Brighton you know it’s more than just an ice-cream shop.  Aside from the delicious frozen offerings, including some amazing vegan options, the small space is also known for hosting fun pop-up restaurants that often include special guest chefs and plenty of tips on how to eat healthy. We have owner Rayna Verbeck and vegan chef Wheeler del Torro to thank for that. The two have put together a series of unique events throughout the year, and the most recent one was no exception – a healthy dinner with a visit from rapper Biz Markie, who is apparently a pro when it comes to cooking up vegan chili. Trust me, I tried it.

Right now Rayna is on a mission to raise money for the space so they can continue to present the community with these exciting nom-ventures. By donating to their Kickstarter page you can help them fund a project to have Wheeler del Torro serving up delicious, healthy, soul food at 3 scoops on a regular basis. It’ll also help re-design the space so it’s more capable of hosting awesome ish as seen pictured here. Homemade squash ravioli? Yes please.

Wheeler WheelerRav1WheelerRav3






3 Scoops on Urbanspoon

403 Washington St.
Brighton, MA


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