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Boston Chops, I am picking up what you’re putting down. The whole ‘Urban Steak Bistro’ thing is definitely working for me. I’ve been avoiding steakhouses for so long that I almost forgot how much I love steak! Boston Chops Does. It. Right. You don’t have to order a massive portion to enjoy it either – the menu is big enough to accomodate those out for a special occasion dinner and those who just want steak frites on a Monday. Hey, it happens. Fairly often actually.

Chris Coombs is exceptionally talented (as anyone who has ever been to Deuxave can attest to) but what I love about him most is that fact that he serves bolognese at Boston Chops (sadly haven’t tried it though), Deuxave and dBar, and none of them are Italian. I MEAN, soulmates?

blog pics147

The meal starts with homemade popovers! Best news ever. And I obviously got way too excited about noticing the personalized knives. That happens to everyone, right?


The Crimson – blood orange margarita


Equatorial Iceberg Salad with blue cheese, house cured bacon, fine herbs, walnuts


Crispy Oxtail Croquettes with red pepper mostarda


French Onion Soup – spanish onions, comte, beef broth


Steak Frites with Rib Eye Roll and Boston Chops Sauce – their housemade version of A1. SO good.


Poutine Style Twice Baked “Loaded” Potato – this potato is actually injected with poutine gravy. That is all.

Has anyone else tried it yet? Can we all agree that Chris Coombs can continue to open whatever restaurants wherever he wants? So long as they are in Boston of course. DON’T EVER LEAVE US, CHRIS!

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5 Responses to Boston Chops | Fresh Meat in the South End

  1. Daisy says:

    that potato! WOW.

  2. Any meal that starts with homemade popovers is sure to be a great meal! I want to check out Boston Chops soon!

  3. OK, that potato?! Ridiculous. I also want a popover (and a margarita) stat!

  4. That popover itself is worth going! I cannot wait to head over and indulge!

  5. Azzina says:

    Boston chops are one of my favorite dishes would love to have any time.
    Natural Cheddar Cheese

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