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Pigalle’s New Bar Menu Goes Asian

Ever since discovering Pigalle during the Lamb Pro-Am last year, we have become somewhat obsessed. On any given week night it is not at all uncommon for us and a group of friends to be drinking and indulging in Pigalle’s … Continue reading

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Petite Jacqueline | Portland Restaurant Week | Part 3

And we’re back with the third installment of Portland Restaurant Week on Just Add Cheese. This Maine love fest might even end up going into the middle of next week because there’s just that many awesome spots in Portland, and of course … Continue reading

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West Bridge In Kendall Doin’ Big Thangs

I know, we already wrote about West Bridge. I hate to be repetitive when there are so many great restaurants out there, but a recent media dinner there was just TOO EPIC not to share. Man oh man, West Bridge … Continue reading

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West Bridge | Kendall Square

My roommate left for a family gathering in Paris last week, so seeing him off on Wednesday provided the perfect excuse for a “good-bye / how will I live without you for ten days” dinner at the newly opened West Bridge in Kendall. … Continue reading

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Stay Classy Boston

Boston is a casual city. Jeans are always acceptable attire and it’s rare that restaurants actually require men to wear jackets. Most nice restaurants won’t even notice if you’re wearing leggings and an over sized t-shirt! Trust me I’ve done it. This system is usually perfect … Continue reading

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Guest Post | Portland’s West End | by Mel

Ello Cheese Heads, today we have another very spesh guest post for ya! Our dear friend Melissa Leiter, author of The Leiter Side of Life, is here to divulge a few hidden gems of Portland she recently discovered since moving there … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | French Onion Soup At Petit Robert Central

Petit Robert Central is my new power lunch spot. Not that I power lunch or anything, but if I did I would go there. My team at work was lucky enough to get taken out to lunch by the VP … Continue reading

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Pigalle Tasting | Live Blog Recap

Thanks to those of you who voted for our dish in the Lamb Pro-Am, we were lucky enough to advance to the next round and get paired with Marc Orfaly from Pigalle. Have you gotten tickets for the event yet? … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Everything at Marliave

Today we have a very special food porn Friday, a cheesy triple threat if you will. Given that French eatery Marliave is a three minute walk from my office, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite places to over-indulge on … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Ham & Cheese Braided Bread

Behold the cheesy goodness that is Ham & Cheese Braided Bread…I’ll pause for a moment as you all OooOOooHhh and AhhhHHhh. Last week my friend Jess invited me over to her place for the usual evening of champagne and charades; … Continue reading

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