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WTF Did I Just Eat? | Breakfast Salad Doughnut Frittata

Who else but Brian Poe? I know we talk about him a lot, but that’s just because there are so many things to talk about. Like this mountain of randomness, for example, which is part of his new Tipsy Brunch … Continue reading

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5 Essential Elements of a Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches. I probably wouldn’t be alive today without them. I seriously couldn’t imagine surviving through certain work days, Friday morning classes, airplane rides, or road trips without one. Actually just about any weekend day that I’m not going out … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Carrot Cake Pancakes | Sugar Bakery

Things have been pretty busy lately in the world of Just Add Cheese. We’re well underway with a new site design which all yalls should be seeing sometime later this fall. With that comes new pics for our “About” page, … Continue reading

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Oh Hi New Neighbor | Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

Moving week is officially over and I am finally settling into life in my new ‘hood: the South End. Wahoo! I loved Beacon Hill but let’s be serious, the food options over there just don’t compare. Now I have tomato … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Bodacious Bennies Coming Atchya | ZuZu

Since moving to Kendall Square in September I’ve been chugging Cambridge’s Kool-aid like it’s being discontinued, and I’m totally okay with that. My recent encounter with a few bennies in Central Square just fueled my obsession a wee-bit more. Above we have the “Sour … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Blueberry Pancakes | The Paramount

To me, a Saturday or Sunday morning at The Paramount is just like one of those sour patch kids commercials… First it’s sour — aka I’m waiting in line hungover, tapping my foot on the ground impatiently, dying of thirst, trying not … Continue reading

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Coppa | Sunday Brunch in the South End

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it another 500 times, Ken Oringer pwns this city. Along with a few others of course, but when it comes to naming favorites, he’s up there (along with his partner Jamie Bissonette). One of … Continue reading

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Sunday BBQ Brunch at Highland Kitchen | Somerville

Third time’s a charm; or at least it is when it comes to my brunching relationship with Highland Kitchen. After two previously failed attempts to experience their breakfast offerings (one day it was closed because it was Saturday, the other time … Continue reading

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S&S Deli | Saturday Brunch in Somerville

I don’t know how I haven’t given up on Saturday brunch yet. You’d think I would have learned my lesson by now; I don’t even have enough fingers and toes to count how many times my master plan to devour eggs on a Saturday … Continue reading

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Area Four | Breakfast Sandwich FTW

Have you ever seen the 25th Hour? Well that’s kind of what Kendall Square reminds me of on the weekends. Dead, quiet, deserted, as though zombienation swept through while I was sleeping, and I arise at 10:30 to find no sign … Continue reading

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