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Birthday Celebrations at Puritan & Company | Will Gilson

A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 26th birthday with a few lady friends at Will Gilson’s new restaurant, Puritan & Company. Its arrival in Inman Square earlier in December has been long awaited for months now, and let’s just say the … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Tom Yum Noodle Soup | Rod Dee

Nothing in the world (except maybe my new cashmere infinity scarf) is warmer and more comforting than a bowl of Tom Yum soup on a cold winter day. Rod Dee‘s Tom Yum Noodle Soup may just be my new favorite in the … Continue reading

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Scenes from Truffle Cooking Class at Rialto

Even though Jacki’s new job allows her less free time to hang out with me and go out to eat, it does give me the opportunity to attend cool events she is involved in, or organizing. Like one of Jody … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Saffron Gingered Peach Meringue | Rialto

It feels like it’s been an eternity since my last post. Just because I haven’t been updating Just Add Cheese with food porn regularly doesn’t mean I haven’t been surrounded by it for the past couple of weeks. In fact, … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Cashew Tart from Tatte | Kendall Sq.

Have you ever tested your will power? Try testing it at Tatte around 7pm when all the leftover pastries from the day go on sale… for $1.50. It’s simultaneously the best and worst part of my walk home on any given night. … Continue reading

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West Bridge In Kendall Doin’ Big Thangs

I know, we already wrote about West Bridge. I hate to be repetitive when there are so many great restaurants out there, but a recent media dinner there was just TOO EPIC not to share. Man oh man, West Bridge … Continue reading

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Taste of Cambridge 2012 | Photo Dump

As promised in last Friday’s Food Porn, here are more photos from my night of face-stuffing at Taste of Cambridge 2012. Having been to Taste of Cambridge in the past, when it was held at The Charles Hotel, I must … Continue reading

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Thelonious Monkfish | That Fish Cray | Guest Post by Riki

Another guest post from our silent partner, Erika aka RIKI — you guys may remember her from her Parson’s Table post…enjoy! Hey it’s me Riki and I like SUSHI. I recently paid a visit to Thelonious Monkfish in Central Square. Given the crazy … Continue reading

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West Bridge | Kendall Square

My roommate left for a family gathering in Paris last week, so seeing him off on Wednesday provided the perfect excuse for a “good-bye / how will I live without you for ten days” dinner at the newly opened West Bridge in Kendall. … Continue reading

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Stay Classy Boston

Boston is a casual city. Jeans are always acceptable attire and it’s rare that restaurants actually require men to wear jackets. Most nice restaurants won’t even notice if you’re wearing leggings and an over sized t-shirt! Trust me I’ve done it. This system is usually perfect … Continue reading

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