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Eleven Madison Park | New York, NY

My brother has been a chef at Eleven Madison Park for about a year now. When my family realized he had to work on Thanksgiving we decided it was finally time to pay him a visit. We waited until he … Continue reading

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Grapefruit Balsamic Vinaigrette | The Filling Station at Chelsea Market, NYC

Has anyone been to Chelsea Market in NYC? It took me two years but I finally had a chance to check it out and it might be my new favorite place on earth. It’s basically a shopping mall filled with restaurants and specialty … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Ricotta Bruschetta at Morandi | NYC

I’m just really feeling ricotta this week. Between looking at pics of the ricotta stuffed tomatoes and then this, I’ve been daydreaming about canceling all plans for the day, going to South End Formaggio, buying all the ricotta they have, coming straight home, and eating … Continue reading

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Spring Feast In NYC

For our friend Jess’s birthday, we called upon my brother’s incredible culinary talents to cook up a Spring feast in her NYC apartment. The space was tiny, but he came up with some pretty amazing stuff. It was the first … Continue reading

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Fishtail by David Burke | NYC

It’s going to be tough for me to do this restaurant justice in a blog post, but here goes. Fishtail was extraordinary. I’m smiling just thinking about it. It was one of those experiences, that after each bite of food … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Ricotta Be Kidding Me | A Voce Madison, NYC

Things that are normally served with bread before dinner: butter, olive oil, flavored hummus, maybe balsamic. Things that are never served with bread before dinner: ricotta cheese. Why is that? Pre-dinner revelation: a bowl of ricotta cheese. And not just … Continue reading

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New Years Dinner At David Burke Kitchen | NYC

There was a lot more to New Years Eve dinner at David Burke Kitchen than that ridiculous steak. From lollipop trees to scrambled egg mousse, it was one of the most interesting dinners I’ve ever had. Taking a page from … Continue reading

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Food Porn Friday | Is That Steak Happy To See Me?

For New Years Eve dinner we decided to go all out. My friend was having a party in New York that night, so we used the money we would normally spend for an overpriced open bar, and went to a … Continue reading

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Mile End Deli | Brooklyn, NY

The morning after the best slice of pizza ever, my friend Steph took me to her all time favorite brunch spot in the Boreum Hill area of Brooklyn, which also happens to double as one of the best Jewish restaurants … Continue reading

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Poco | $22 All You Can Drink Brunch | NYC

My friend recently moved to the East Village and the location of her apartment could not be more perfect for brunch. One block from her new place is Poco, a small spanish inspired restaurant that has the best brunch deal I … Continue reading

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