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Food Porn Monday | Fried Fluffernutter | M3

Last week’s Food Porn was a bit of a cop-out, I know. That’s why for the first time in JAC history we’re kicking off this week with Food Pron Monday. What you see before you is the Deep-Fried Fluffernutter from … Continue reading

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Flatbread Company | Pizza Perfected | Davis Square

So I recently moved to Davis Square, and have been loving all then new restaurants that have been making a regular appearance in my life now that I’ve relocated. So you can expect a lot of neighborhood love popping up … Continue reading

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Brunching Like a Boss at M3 | Southern Food in Somerville

If there is a secret to staying skinny, you certainly won’t find it at M3; considering the name is short for “Meat + Three” I guess that doesn’t come as a huge shock. The moniker itself is an ode to … Continue reading

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Pizzaria Posto | Italian Fare in Davis Square | Somerville

I think it’s time we take a break from the excessive amount of Mexican we’ve been highlighting on JAC as of late, shall we? I use the term “break” loosely as I have a feeling I’ll be scarfing down tacos again soon … Continue reading

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The Painted Burro | Davis Sq.

I recently did a post on Chowdown Beantown about the new taco spot in Davis, The Painted Burro, and wanted to share the photos with you guys as well. The drinks were great (plenty of mezcal!!) and the atmosphere was fun and … Continue reading

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A Birthday Journey… at Journeyman | Somerville

My next stop in a series of birthday dinners brought me to Back Bar and then Journeyman for the first time, where six of us enjoyed a three-course dinner tasting filled with cocktails, wine and a few amuse bouches. To give some background on … Continue reading

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Sunday BBQ Brunch at Highland Kitchen | Somerville

Third time’s a charm; or at least it is when it comes to my brunching relationship with Highland Kitchen. After two previously failed attempts to experience their breakfast offerings (one day it was closed because it was Saturday, the other time … Continue reading

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Harvest Fest 2011 | Somerville Local First

This past weekend happened to be jam-packed with food, fun and friends. Well, technically that’s every weekend, but I guess this weekend was particularly enjoyable. It all started on Saturday, with an evening stop at Somerville Local First’s Harvest Fest, which … Continue reading

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Cocktails and Small Bites at Bergamot

I finally made my way to Bergamont the other night to meet a friend for drinks. Named after a certain type of orange popularly used in aromatherapy, I had been meaning to check out this restaurant ever since I heard … Continue reading

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Eat Boston and Will Gilson at Bloc 11 Cafe

I meant to post this sooner, but alas time has not been on my side. Last weekend Dol and I went to Eat Boston‘s most recent pop-up restaurant at Bloc 11 in Somerville.  We went on Sunday, which was vegetarian … Continue reading

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