The “Best” List

Best in Breakfast

Best French Toast: Lemon Ricotta French Toast at Trident Cafe

Best Pancakes: Pumpkin Pancakes with Heath Bar Crunch at The Friendly Toast

Best Breakfast Sandwich: The Bacon and Egg Fancy at Mike and Patty’s

Best Brunch Buffet: Henrietta’s Table

Best Affordable Brunch: Gaslight Brasserie

Best Breakfast (all day, every day): Friendly Toast

Best in Desserts

Best Bread Pudding: Vermont Maple Bread Pudding at Union Bar and Grill

Best Cheesecake: Sheep’s Milk Yogurt Cheesecake with Pistachio and Boysenberry Jam at Craigie on Main

Best Fried Ice Cream: New Ginza

Best Pastries: Modern Pastry

Best Cookies: Paradise Cafe

Best Gelato: Bon Bon

Best in Sandwiches

Best Lobster Roll: Maine Lobster Roll at B&G Oysters

Best Burger: Cafeteria Boston

Best Grilled Cheese: Temptations Cafe

Best Arepas: Orinoco

Best Mac n’ Cheese: Columbus Cafe

Best Lobster Mac n’ Cheese: Tremont 647

Best Sushi: Symphony Sushi

Best Tapas *Spanish: Toro

Best Tapas *Thai: Ronnarong

Best Tapas *Chinese Dim Sum: Myers and Chang

Best Tapas *Italian: Coppa

Best Bargain Tapas: Tasca

Best Steak Tartare: The Butcher Shop

Best Tuna Tartare: Steffie’s on Tremont

Best Traditional Italian: Giacomo’s

Best Homemade Pasta: Via Matta

Best Service: Craigie on Main

Best in Fine Dining: Mistral

Best Mexican: Casa Romero

Best Decor: Upstairs on the Square

Best Free Wifi Trident Cafe

Best Eggs Benedict: Martin’s Coffee Shop

Best Steakhouse: The Capital Grille

Best BBQ: East Coast Grill

Best Cocktails: Drink

Best Tex Mex: Masa

Best Chinese: Shabu Zen

Best Hummus: Temptations Cafe

Best Falafel: Cafe Jaffa

Best Wing Night: Penguin

Best Bagels: Espresso Royale Cafe

Best Tea: Tealuxe

Best Coffee: JP Licks

Best Beer Selection: Bukowskis

Best Cupcakes: Kickass Cupcakes

Best Noodle Dish: Mee Krob at Sonsie


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